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Hey dolls. Names Lo. Living in a small town in the u.s. Im a 20 year old college student. I'm super nice, so have any questions don't hesitate to ask me. Hope you're having a good day. Love you xo, & thanks for viewing my blog.

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Tanning // Beaches // Makeup // boys // partying // rhinestones // weed // chocolate chip cookies // outdoors // fake nails // shoes // fashion // hair extensions // photography // sex // iced coffee // fake eyelashes // spas // shopping // money //.
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This blog is a girly / fashion blog. On here you will see a lot of pink, dresses, stilletos, makeup, purses, jewelry, accessories, fake nails, tanning lotion, fake eyelashes, hair extensions, hello kitty, boobs, bikinis, bras, underwear, animal print, tattoos.
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Anonymous: do you know any good theme sites???

I got tons. In no particular order.

And if you’re looking for a more simple theme I’d try the themegods

I got more but i cant remember them all right now. If you want more choices let me know. (:

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rhinestoned-x: I don't know what anon is talking about, I think your banner is ADORE!!!!


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Anonymous: your past banner is better than this one

I think both of them are amazing, But i wanted to change my blog a bit. My banner was made by the amazing rumkiss and i love it. 

OK wearing a low cut shirt or any type of clothes for that matter doesn’t make you a “slut”. The dictionary defines the word slut / whore as a woman who is a prostitute. So if someones cleavage is showing that means they’re having sex for money? Get real. Anyone who can just look at someone and not know one thing about them and judge them based on a shirt or type of pants they’re wearing is fucking jealous. I’m sorry you’re not as confidant in your body as some girls are, but why make them feel shitty just because you do? You don’t know her sex life she could be a fucking virgin for all you know. Is every woman in a bikini at a beach a slut? 

And now its so easy for guys to resort to calling a girl a slut based on what she wears….Like they arn’t more of a slut themselves. 

**I wear what i want to wear because it makes ME feel good. I don’t do it for anyone else but myself. You don’t like what i’m wearing? I don’t give a fuck, who the fuck are you but an irrelevant hater. 

September 18, 2014 - share - 4 notes