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Hey dolls. Names Lo. Living in a small town in the u.s. Im a 20 year old college student. I'm super nice, so have any questions don't hesitate to ask me. Hope you're having a good day. Love you xo, & thanks for viewing my blog.

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Tanning // Beaches // Makeup // boys // partying // rhinestones // weed // chocolate chip cookies // outdoors // fake nails // shoes // fashion // hair extensions // photography // sex // iced coffee // fake eyelashes // spas // shopping // money //.
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This blog is a girly / fashion blog. On here you will see a lot of pink, dresses, stilletos, makeup, purses, jewelry, accessories, fake nails, tanning lotion, fake eyelashes, hair extensions, hello kitty, boobs, bikinis, bras, underwear, animal print, tattoos.
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August 13, 2014 - share - 1 note
Anonymous: Black ppl r just as racist as white assuming all whites are racist



whatever u say boss

Even if black people are racist, who created racism in the first place, WHITE PEOPLE. Black people have every right to be racist. Bc white people love adding fuel to the fire. To have so much hate and animosity towards one whole culture is beyond ridiculous to me. Maybe if whites weren’t so judgmental and ignorant, black people wouldn’t react the way they do towards them or any situation for that matter. You can only try to prove someone wrong for so long before you’re just like “fuck it, if they think this way of me, I’ll be that way.” Thats how most of the black community reacts towards white people. But they have every right to. Why change for someone thats so stuck in their ignorant ways and wouldn’t give you a chance no matter how you acted bc of your skin color alone. If MLK were alive today, he’d be even more successful than he was before he got murdered, but it wouldn’t matter, you know why? Bc he’s black. And bc he’s black what he says doesn’t matter bc white trumps black over all. One day soon white america will get a huge reality check. They need to stop bullshitting and open their eyes.

First of all not all WHITE people are racist. Yes there are some, but  you’re a hypocrite categorizing all of us into one group, just like you sit there and say that all of us do. Racism isn’t going to end until we stop hating someone based on their race and instead hating racism itself and the people (NOT RACE)  that continue the cycle. And it’s not just white vs black. Its EVERY culture that experiences it sometime through out their life. Hating someone for their race is like saying “You don’t have blonde / brown / black hair, so you’re not good enough.” Hope people will understand how dumb someone sounds when they say they hate a certain type of people. And one more thing to add, is that it’s not just in america. It’s everywhere. There are people in Africa, and Middle eastern countries that are getting killed everyday based on race and religion. At the end of the day i hope you can understand what i’m saying. You have become what you hate. And nothing is going to change unless we start treating people fairly. There is always going to be evil in this world, life isn’t perfect. But you grow and learn from it. Every person is beautiful in every way remember that. I am sorry that what ever you experienced and all my love to you. Just remember to be part of the good in the world.

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